My journey through life so far has been full of blessings

There is a wonderful story in the Bible (John 11) about an amazing woman called Mary and her sister Martha who actually met the Son of God face to face.

You may remember that it was Mary who anointed Jesus’ feet with oil and, having wiped His feet with her hair, her whole house was filled with the fragrant smell as a reminder. It is this particular story which has inspired me and it makes me so happy to think that my fragrance may bless peoples’ lives and fill their houses with a delicious aroma.

I believe that Mary was herself blessed when she bathed Jesus’ feet with the costly oil and that, He in turn, then blessed us by sacrificing Himself for the forgiveness of sin.

Mary used an expensive alabaster oil to anoint Jesus’ feet (Matthew 26 vs 7-13) and we too should enjoy those wonderful things He provides for us. The Bible tells us (Proverbs 27 vs 9) how ‘Perfume and incense make the heart glad, but the sweetness of a friend is a fragrant forest’ and also that perfume beautifies womankind (Esther 2)

I try hard these days to ask God what I can do for Him today. All my life I have asked Him for favours and now it is my turn because I know that He will not let the righteous fall (Psalms 55 vs 22)

I could never forget how You’ve set me free

Thank You for the cross!